Donald Trump Is ‘Frustrated And Angry At Everyone’ And Could Soon Fire Most Of His Staff, Per Reports

It sounds like the sinking ship that is

The report, which cites some of Trump’s long time friends and old friends in which he divulge “after dark, ” holds that the President is being goaded into get rid of often of his faculty, and perhaps even some Cabinet members.

One confidant said about the advice Trump is getting right now:

“The advice he’s get is to go big-hearted that he has nothing to lose. The question now is how big-hearted and how daring. I’m not sure he knows the responses to that yet.”

Go big-hearted and get bold…

So … the advice being given to the man who simply fuelled the FBI Director because of an ongoing investigation of the administration is NOW to try to go big-hearted and daring ?!

Heaven, help us !!!

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Apparently, a part of Trump’s complaints include the fact that his Cabinet members and staffers are being too self-centered on their praise or — get this — they aren’t sufficiently admiring the “brilliant diplomat” that our President trusts himself to be.


Read the whole report HERE, and if Spicer, Bannon, Priebus, and others are out later the coming week, well, don’t enunciate we didn’t warn you.

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