Here We Go Again Family Booted From JetBlue Flight Over Dispute About A Cake

Here we go again, another dispute in the friendly skies…

This time it’s JetBlue, and not United, but another airline is now deriving under ardour for a dispute with a flight attendant — and this one was over a birthday cake.

The flight in question happened earlier this month when the Burke family was trying to fly out from New York’s JFK Airport to Las Vegas, exclusively to have things get heated when flight attendant said with them about a patty they carried on board.

The first flight attendant in question apparently couldn’t be seen whether the patty should be in an overhead bin or beneath a seat for departure, while two seconds flight attendant then came into the picture and said it couldn’t be brought on at all.

But here’s where occasions get interesting, peculiarly since Cameron Burke started filming the whole happen( below ).

The second flight attendant told the family — with two crying girls in tow — that this organization is being “non-compliant” in developments in the situation, and eventually introduced the security forces on board to boot them off the plane. Yes, really.

The family moved off the plane quietly, but the part happen sure is something crazy, as you can see on the video( below ):

The flight attendant later claimed their own families was “cursing” and intrusive, which you can see from the footage doesn’t exactly appear to be true.

Now, their own families is talking to an advocate about filing a lawsuit.

Over a patty ?! Come on, flight attendant !!

[ Image via YouTube .]