Why Trump supporters think the president sharing intel with Russia is fake news

Supporters of President Donald Trump are annoyed , not at was pointed out that the president shared most classified information with Russian officials during a intersect last week, but that the deep country is feeding the mainstream media fake bulletin to smear the president.

In the excellent instance of just how adherent American politics has become, the presidents supporters have reacted with ultimate distrust to the explosive Washington Post report at the center of the current dispute, which has since been confirmed in other mainstream media outlets.

The Post ‘ s sources, various unnamed U.S. officials, assertion that during a May 10 meeting with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Trump shared most secret information pertaining to the so-called Islamic Stateinformation so confidential that the U.S. has reportedlynot even shared it with close allies.

The meeting has indeed been the subject of much investigation, having appeared time the working day after Trump’s controversially shooting former FBI Director James Comey. Comey had been leading the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and possible Trump campaign bind to the Kremlin.

The Post flowed these says in an section late Monday and, as the freshly written narration rocked the White House, reporters outside could examine exclaiming from within the presidential residence.


National Security Adviser H. R. McMaster stepped outof the White House to rejects the Post report, saying that it is, as reported, false.Hisresponse has become the centerpiece of Trump supporters’ pronouncements that the Post narration is imitation news.

The story that came out tonight, as reported, is fictitious. The chairman and foreign minister recollected a variety of common threats to our two countries including the risk to civil aviation, McMaster responded. At no time were intelligence informants or methods discussed. And the president should not disclose any military operations that were not publicly known I was in the room, it didnt happen.

On Reddits r/ The_Donald subreddit, an online community for dedicated Trump supporters, consumers slammed the Posts report as a made enterprise on Trumpand touched aside analysis of McMaster’s statement that poked defects in his claim that the working group is false.

Lol, reporters already trying to rebut McMaster’s statement by claim that somehow this was a non-denial denial and how it’s fuzzy. It’s an unequivocal denial, private individuals wrote. What more do you fucking shills want?

Wapo needs to have their press credentials annulled. Alone direction to stop this nonsense, territory a comment under a separate comment weave on the topic.

The Post ‘ s use of anonymous informants added to the distrust around the report, with some readers calling on the publication to divulge more about how they received their information.

The burden of proof is on the Washing Post to show that their source is legitimate and the amount claimed is very, another said. They have not done either. Until they do, this should be treated as Fake News and if they NEVER do, then the Washington Post should face legal consequences.

Despite Trump supporters’ expressed exasperation at writers parsing McMaster’s commands, the fact is still his official statement failed to address the allegations concluded in the original section. Instead, such statements refuted claims that were not precisely concluded in the articlealthough, in ascribing them to the section, he rejected the whole story as false.

For example, McMaster was argued that at no time were any ability informants or methods discussed, but the original report explicitly says that methods were not discussed. Rather, the report claims that Trump exposed the town where the intelligence was amassed, whichthe Russians could use to uncover detailed information on the intelligence asset.

The second reason Trump supporters reject the article is simply an self-evident distrust of the mainstream mediaparticularly the Washington Post , reporting from which has all along been begun questions for the Trump administration.

Even as the New York Times , CNN, BuzzFeed News, and Reuters published on Tuesday that their own informants had attested the Posts says, conservative information media stores shocked and irritated the imitation bulletin narrative. Pro-Trump blog the Gateway Pundit simply rejected the section as #FakeNews and a punch slouse. Sean Hannity, a Trump supporter and Fox News host, tweeted that the Post report was imitation bulletin, while FoxNews.com interred the narration on its front page.



The right-wing Drudge Report featured the Post report as its lead story on Monday evening with the headline MORE LEAKS SMEAR PRESIDENT.

Screenshot via Drudge Report

Breitbart News, meanwhile, was argued that the deep country seeped the narration to Post journalists in an attempt to smear President Trump. In the cases of Drudge and Breitbart, the stores did not assertion that the Post narration was imitation but that people penetrating within the federal government seeped what Trump did to the press in order to form the president look bad.

As the narration continue to evolve, the disconnection between the mainstream media’s pronouncements and diehard Trump supporters’ positions on the bulletin is very likely to exclusively widen.

At a White House press briefing on Tuesday morning, McMaster clarified that the assertion of section is fictitious. He added thatwhat Trump discussed with the Russian officials was absolutely relevant given the purpose of that speech and accused those seeping information to the press as the true perpetrators gambling U.S. national security.

Asked directly whether Trump shared classified information with Russia, McMaster refused to answer, leaving plenty of room for interpretation.

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