Bill O’Reilly Says America’s ‘Hatred’ Killed Former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes!

Some would say Roger Ailes didn’t have much to live for after last year’s career-ending sexual harassment gossip.

But Bill O’Reilly, fellow Fox News fallen angel, knows exactly who to blame for the former system head’s recent fatality: the haters and losers!

A coroner’s report established Ailes lived on Thursday after an earlier precipitate made a hemorrhage in his mentality — nonetheless, O’Reilly is has a more controversial theory.

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The political pundit wrote an obituary for Ailes in a USA Today op-ed, in which he denounced the technology-driven “hatred” of today’s America for killing the former CEO of the cable news network.

He mourned:

“We are living in a rough age, with technological advances changing demeanor and position. The downside of that is turning us into a commonwealth where hatred is approximately celebrated in some quarters. Roger Ailes knew that hatred and it killed him. That is the truth.”

Okay, Bill. We’re stunned you didn’t publish this on Breitbart…

Like Ailes, O’Reilly left Fox News following a wave of sexual harassment accusations, which he claimed were the workings of an “organized left-wing cabal” bent on sabotaging his career.

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The passionate reporter announces Ailes was also a victim to the same type of media ambush that provoked instantaneous mass scandalize and, ultimately, led to the downfall of his health. He asked 😛 TAGEND

“Roger was convicted of bad demeanor in special courts of public opinion, and it was pain for many of us to watch. He, himself, was stupefied and never truly recovered.”

There you have it, America: WE killed Roger Ailes. A no-spin second mind from Dr. O’Reilly .*

* Bill O’Reilly is neither a medical doctor nor does he play one on TV. Or anything else on TV. He’s not on TV anymore.

[ Image via CBS/ WENN .]