Has MS-13 ‘literally taken over towns and cities of the US’?

Washington( CNN) President Donald Trump on Thursday made a sweeping assertion that the MS-1 3 syndicate has “literally taken over” US cities — but his notes about the violent street syndicate contained a number of misstatements or claims that were impossible to back up with evidence.

MS-1 3 has been a frequent talking moment of the Trump administration as part of its justification for hard-line immigration policies and territory protection. It is against this backdrop that Trump brought up MS-1 3 in his opening announcement in a joint press conference with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos — as he talked about stopping trans-border crime.

“MS-1 3, similarly, a shameful, shameful enormous group of mobs that have been let into country over a reasonably short space of time are being ravaged by the Border Patrol and by ICE and by our prodigious local police forces and they are getting out of our country or in a number of cases, starting instantly into prisons throughout our country, ” Trump spoke. “But they’ve literally taken over towns and cities of the United States.”