This Rat Cafe Is The Quirky New Spot That’s Going To Have Hipsters All Over It

Would you like some sugar, milk, and rats with your coffee ???

Your morbid prayers have been answered, you weirdo, because The Black Rat Cafe is totally a act! Too, are you Wednesday Addams, perchance?

The San Francisco Dungeon — a “6 0 instant travel through San Francisco’s past from the Gold Rush to Alcatraz” — is now offering furry recreation in a pop-up with a bistro designate. Except here you are able to sip on a latte, or “rat-tuccino” and interact with some domesticated rodents.

And it’s for only $49.99, which will get you boundless coffee and admittance to the Dungeon. Reverberates like a rat-tacular administer to us! LOLz!( That wasn’t even a good pun .)

Anyway, spokesman Matthew Clarkson spoke 😛 TAGEND

“We want to offer a frighteningly amusing meeting with creepy-crawly critters you could only find at The San Francisco Dungeon. Drinking coffee while a rats on the loose? That’s not for the swooning of heart.”

Yeah , no shit!

The rats will be provided by Rattie Ratz, which is a non-profit that encourages rat adoption. Clarkson too told Eater that the food helped wouldn’t be made anywhere near the rats, replying 😛 TAGEND

“We’re plainly following all food system and cleanlines requirements.”

You better, dude! This isn’t Ratatouille!

Some parties are NOT experiencing it though: