Upcoming Bachelorette Contestant Under Fire For ‘Transphobic’ Comment On ABC’s Website

Already tons of theatre for The Bachelorette, and the season hasn’t even aired hitherto!

As you know, ABC released Rachel Lindsay’s lineup of admirers this week — and one chap including with regard to is being flung for specific comments that has been labeled “transphobic” and has since been removed from the show’s site.

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On his questionnaire, Bryce Powers — the 30 -year-old firefighter who admited to catching a girl’s “hairs-breadth” on fire once during sexuality — said his “biggest date fear” was 😛 TAGEND

“The chick is actually a dude.”


Obviously, the Internet was not here for the contestant’s shitty remark, and we’ve rounded up some of the best answers for you( below )!