Alex Rodriguez Was Caught With A Notebook That Read ‘Child: Birth Control, Baby, Pull Out Stuff’

Maybe he needs to brush up on his fornication ed ??

Although Alex Rodriguez is the papa of two children( and is known around township as an loathsome womanizer ), he apparently doesn’t is how babies are made.

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On Thursday, Fox Sports announced the( above) pic of -ARod glancing through a diary at a baseball stadium. While many would assume he wrote down documents about the game, a closer look at the sound supposes otherwise.

When devotees zoomed in on the athlete’s handwriting, they witnessed:

“Child: Birth Control, Baby, Pull Out Stuff”

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The pic has since been deleted, and -ARod has yet to exhaust a statement regarding the contents of his notebook.

Jennifer Lopez, you are able to need to tell your serviceman about the birds and the bees!

[ Image via Fox Sports/ Twitter .]