Orlando Bloom Defends Johnny Depp, ‘The Man That I Know And Love’

Johnny Depp is flooded in controversy.

He’s currently facing a law battle with his former handling that’s getting personal and soiled, which of course follows an even messier divorce, in which ex Amber Heard accused him of domestic violence.

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But the Pirates Of The Caribbean star’s acquaintances and loved ones have always had his back. And you can count costar Orlando Bloom among their number. When asked about his fellow Pirate’s personal turmoils at the El Lay premiere of Dead Men Tell No Tales, the returning Will Turner supposed:

“The man that I know and desire is the man who’s here tonight, and he’s like on use and does everything the right way.

You know, beings go through different forms of creepy stuff in “the worlds” and it’s just a dishonor that it has to be dragged out in public. Because, God knows he’s been one of “the worlds largest” private and stand-up beings I’ve ever met.”

Kind words from a sidekick and coworker.

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[ Image via Apega/ WENN .]