Hockey player fined $10K for using gay slurnow his fans have set up a GoFundMe page in his defense

Ryan Getzlaf is a captain for the Anaheim Ducks, who are currently locked in a tighten playoff series that could make them to the Stanley Cup finals.

While Getzlaf has historically been one most well-respected musicians on the crew, last Thursday, he called person a fucking cocksucker during activity 4 of the series. Instead of deferring him, the NHLonly fined him $10,000.

Now a Ducks fan has set up aGoFundMe page to support the activities related to Getzlafs sanction, downplaying that the word in question is a homosexual innuendo. On a page entitled Getzlaf Potty Mouth, the sheets creator Jason Lamb wrote, Ryan Getzlaf was unfairly given the maximum fine by the ominou NHL for accurately announcing a ref a rooster vacuum-clean. Now if everyone donates time$ 1 we can make enough money to send a message to the NHL that no more will this kind of snowflake over reaction to utterances stand.

Lamb expressed the view that the money would be gifted to philanthropy, but its not difficult to understand why the organization punished Getzlaf.



Some cant belief Getzlaf wasnt suspended, specially since the organization suspended Chicago Blackhawks player Andrew Shaw for one playoff game last year for using a lesbian slur.



Wrote USA Today : If the NHL genuinely wants to rid video games of sexist, homophobic and demeaning conversation, they need to be consistent with their rewards , not alternate them according subjective decisions on how unkind the language is a possibility or who the participate is.

As the organization was indicated in specific comments when announcing the punishment, Getzlafs comment in Thursdays game, particularly as directed against another character on the sparkler, was inappropriately humiliating and disrespectfuland intersected the line into behavior that we see unsatisfactory. The type of conversation opted and utilized in this instance will not be tolerated in the National Hockey League. But it didnt elaborate why Getzlaf wasnt suspended.

Apparently, that kind of conversation is not a problem for some of Getzlafs love, though. As one personwrote on the GoFundMe page, Don’t need this Bullshit in Hockey, Get this Libtard bullshit out of here !!!

As for how Getzlaf appeared about it, here was his non-apology: There were obviously some words mentioned , not undoubtedly aimed at anyone including with regard to, “its just” kind of specific comments. Ive got to be a little more responsible with the words I opt, he told reporters. As a papa, as somebody who takes a lot of pride in this activity, its tough to read individual refer to it as what did. I didnt entail it in that manner in any way, and for that to go that route was very disappointing for me. I acquired responsibility and I accepted it fine. We talked to the league and I understand its my responsibility to not use vulgar language, date, whether its a swear word or what it is. I hope I didnt offend anybody outside the roundabout that we trust.

As Out Sports points out, Getzlaf concluded $9.25 million this year. Which implies, after firing off at least one homosexual innuendo on a nationally broadcasted programme, the organization fined him time. 01 percent of his salary.

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