The surprising list of the 20 most-subscribed-to channels on YouTube

YouTube now boasts a staggering 1 billion useds. That conveys over one-third of the people on the internet visit the video pulpit daily, generating hundreds of millions of video vistums every hour.

These epoches, YouTube’s top vloggers and content developers have an gathering length that rivals that of usual television, with top musicians reaching more spectators on a weekly basis than even the more popular cable planneds. Some of them have constituted the jump to the big screen, starring major motion pictures, while others continue to film skits and narration from their bedrooms.Here’s a summary of the most-subscribed-to YouTube channels and the stars behind them.

The most subscribed YouTube channels

1) PewDiePie

Screengrab via PewDiePie/ YouTube

Who: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, is a Swedish-based video game review and vlogger. He’s had YouTube’s most-subscribed-to channel since December 2013 and has been called one of Time’sMost Influential People in 2016, despite moving under fire for anti-Semitic jokes.

Subscribers: 54,961, 301 million

2) HolaSoyGerman .

Screengrab via HolaSoyGerman/ YouTube

Who: Germn Alejandro Garmendia Aranis is a musician, vocalist, writer, and comedian based in Chile. You might not recollect him in the street, but the 27 -year-old performer has a massive worldwide audience.

Subscribers: 31,671, 524 million

3) JustinBieberVEVO

Screengrab via JustinBieberVEVO/ YouTube

Who 😀 on’t feign you don’t know. Bieber got his first big break on YouTube and remains one of the platform’s biggest stars. His love have followed his every move on YouTube for years now.

Subscribers: 28,930, 862 million

4) YouTube Spotlight

Screengrab via YouTube Spotlight/ YouTube

What: On of YouTube’s own channels, it’s a go-to recognize for finding out what’s trending around the world.

Subscribers: 25,510, 321 million

5) RihannaVEVO

Screengrab via RihannaVEVO/ YouTube

Who: Rihanna, the R& B vocalist, a deep list of modern guild bangers and YouTube videos. Everything she strokes travels platinum.

Subscribers: 24,655, 560 million

6) elrubiusOMG

Screengrab via elrubiusOMG/ YouTube

Who: Rubn Doblas Gundersen, better known by his pseudonym El Rubius or ElRubiusOMG, is a gamer, reviewer, and comedian based in Spain. Showing a trend yet? YouTube is dominated by gamersand has a global reach.

Subscribers: 24,272, 546 million

7) Smosh

Screengrab via Smosh/ YouTube

Who: Ian Andrew Hecox and Daniel Anthony Padilla are two best friend who post comedic representations. The duo started in their own movie, fittingly titledSmosh: The Movie about two bros trying to take down a shameful YouTube video.

Subscribers: 22,655, 373 million

8) TaylorSwiftVEVO

Screengrab via TaylorSwiftVEVO/ YouTube

Who: The only happening startling about Taylor Swift, one of the world’s biggest popping stars, being on such lists is that she isn’t higher on it.

Subscribers: 22,180, 690 million

9) KatyPerryVEVO

Screengrab via KatyPerryVEVO/ YouTube

Who: The only sounds virtuoso on such lists who has headlined a Super Bowl performance.

Subscribers: 22,196, 318 million

10) OneDirectionVEVO

Screengrab via OneDirectionVEVO/ YouTube

Who: The British son strap may have broken up, but One Direction’s YouTube channel remains a popular destination.

Subscribers: 21,971, 082 million


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