France’s New President Gave Trump A Bone-Crushing Handshake VIDEO

President Donald Trump met with the recentlyelected French President Emmanuel Macron in Brussels on Thursday, and the two men shared a handshake for the senilities.

Trump is notorious for granting awkwardly long and overly emphatic handshakes( except for that one time with German Chancellor Angela Merkel ), and it seems Macron wanted to send him a content that he will not be messed with.

Their knuckles formed white-hot, their jaw clenched, and their faces tightened during the course of its death clutch they shared, in agreement with the Washington Post.

Trump slackened his clutch at one point, but Macron held on for one last squeeze.

This was handshake diplomacy at its finest.

As Philip Rucker, a reporter for The Washington Post who watched this epic handshake, framed it, If relations were defined by how two parties shake hands, then the one between the newly elected presidents of the United States and France is going to be rather fierce.

According to Rucker, the handshake lasted nearly six seconds.

It is my enormous statu to be with the newly elected president of France, who operated an incredible safarus and had a tremendous succes, Trump suggested as he sat with Macron, All over the world theyre talking about it.

He praised Macron on his succes and suggested Great job.

Macron said the two leaders had a great deal to discuss, including the fight against terrorism, the economy, climate and energy.

The young French lead included, I am very happy to be able to change many things together.

It will be interesting to see how Trump and Macron work together, given they have starkly different perspectives on an regalium of issues.

Macron is supposedly eagerto convince Trump, whos expressed agnosticism climate change is manmadeand has referred to it as a swindle , to stick with the 2015 Paris Agreement a global pactto combat climate change.

Both Trump and Macron are in Brussels for a NATO summit, and will then pate to Sicily, Italy for the G7 summit that also includes Germany, Britain, Italy, Japan and Canada.

After the two leaders assembled, they apparently had veal filet and Belgian chocolate mousse for lunch, which sounds like a neat acces to recover from their bone-crushing first encounter.

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