US national security adviser ‘not concerned’ with Kushner, Russia back-channel allegations

President Trumps National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster told reporters during a press conference held in the G7 Summit in Sicily that he is not concerned with reports that Jared Kushner tried to set up diplomatic back-channels with Russia.

McMaster initially declined to speak on the Kushner reports but when asked if he would be concerned if someone in the concerned authorities tried to set up a backchannel with the Kremlin, he answered no, Reuters reported.

“We have back-channel connections with any number of type( countries ). So generally addressing, about back-channel communications, what that allows you to do is expres in a discreet politenes, ” McMaster answered, said we’re not worried about it.”

Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and a top White House adviser, allegedly proposed a secret back-channel between the Kremlin and the Trump transition team during a December meeting with the Russian ambassador to the U.S.

Kushner supposedly spoke with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak several times about creating that pipeline of communication to facilitate confidential debates aimed at exploring the incoming administration’s options with Russia as it was developing its Syria policy.

An attorney for Kushner reacted late Friday about the alleged conversations with Kislyak, enunciating his client been represented myriad announces during that time and doesnt recall those being alleged.

Kushners legal counsel has said that their client will cooperate with federal investigators and Congress.

The Associated Press contributed to this report .

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