Donald Trump Actually Writes Sincere Tweets For Memorial Day

Twitter in the sides of Donald Trump tends to realize us a little bit nervous.

Theres no telling what our commander in chief is going to fire off in 140 characters.

However, he took a insidious road this Memorial Day with a series of tweets that actually seemed sincere. Surprisingly, he didnt position himself into the equation.

Have a look at what the president alleged below.

We surely cant blame these statements; America free because of the courageou, and the very important to honor the individuals who prepared the ultimate sacrifice.

But, this is Twitter, and there is certainly no scarcity of people who are willing to reply to your statementsand point out your hypocrisy.

Some brought up Trumpspolicies that would hurt veterans.

Others werecurious why the presidenthasnt prepared mention of child victims who lost their lives in Portland

or thefallen Navy Sealwho lost his life this weekend.

One user prepared sure Trumpdidnt forget his past actions.

Another said his hypocrisy.

Overall, what began as a tribute to Americas bravest was transformed into a Twitter battle overpolicies. Unfortunately, the main message behindtodays holidaywas lost in a series of argumentative tweets, thoughyes, there weredefinitely legitimate concerns.

This Memorial Day comes in the wake of a really busy weekend for the Trump administration.

The chairwomen top consultant and son-in-law Jared Kushner has been accused of supposedly attempting to establish trade secrets communications channel between Trumpstransition team and Moscow in an effort to discuss policy issues.

Meanwhile, Trump has retarded his decision on whether or not he will leave the Paris climate harmonize, which has caused quite a stir.

Times are emphatically tense in DC, and controversy abounds, but for today, lets only remember those intrepid citizens and try to forget Trumps drama.

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