5 trending topics for a much-needed morning boost

Not a morning party? We don’t condemn you. There are few circumstances in life more difficult than drawing yourself out of bunk on a Friday morning( extremely right before a long weekend ).

Luckily, there are a few things to help you get through the most challenging a.m. hours. For instance: Feel-good viral videos. Each month in 2017 we’re rounding up the most talked-about topics on the internet to entertain you during your morning chore and travel. These floors are sure to set a smile on your front even before you’ve had your coffee.

Below are a few of this month’s most noteworthy hits.

Caps off to g raduation season

Graduation season is full of seems. There are life sections coming to an purpose, new opportunities on the horizon and a whole lot of people with “Closing Time” by Semisonic stuck in their heads.

And what would graduation season be without star-studded graduation pronunciations? This year, celebs like Pharrell Williams and Will Ferrell offered their oaths of wisdom to the 2017 graduating class, affording uplifting admonition, comic succor and in Ferrell’s case a bit musical quantity to boot.

RompHims and fidget spinners spark online debate

Only time will tell whether these new viral tends will be a lasting the members of the culture zeitgeist. One happen is specific: The internet is passionately parted about both.

It’s easy-going to check why the RompHim is causing a ruckus: It is, after all, an objectively ridiculous-looking outfit( but too, so freeing ). After a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign, Twitter explosion with minds from those showing both support for and emphatic opposition to the concept.

We’ll have to wait until orderings embark carrying in August to see how many beings can pull off the gape IRL.

Fidget spinners are another hot-button issue of the recent months , no pun intended. The doll, targeted toward your coworker who simply won’t cease returning his leg , have taken the internet by tornado. But at $65 a pop, it’s unsure whether or not the dolls are actually worth it .( And some people are coming perhaps a little too inventive with their own makes on the cult .)

This toddler waiting for the trounce to plummet is adorably relatable

This kid has already learned to save her best moves for that sugared, sweet time when the trounce lowers. We never thought that a video could get us roused about “Uptown Funk” all over again, but the sheer adorableness that is babe Maddie undermining it down in the backseat certainly does the trick.

Harry Styles is taking over the music life

You’d be hard-pressed to find a music/ recreation headline from the last couple weeks that doesn’t include some reference to Harry Styles and his musical stylings, in particular the handout of his new book. The one-time One Direction member is killing it solo; his 10 -track, self-titled debut book was made available May 12.

His carpool karaoke talents aren’t more seedy, either: His appearance on James Corden’s popular Carpool Karaoke late-night video sequence has racked up more than 16 million views.

Upcoming: Seeings to the skies( and on our screens)

As we close out May, there are a few out-of-this-world topics the internet is sure to be abuzz about in the coming weeks.

Space news ever shapes tides online, and the latest mind-blowing though still “highly experimental” concept to catch the attention of the online community appears to be this design: An “impossible” motor that could come humen to Mars in half the time. The only hang-up? Just a minor little thing called the laws of physics.

Speaking of infinite( and caused eyebrows ), Star Trek love and Seth Macfarlane love alike will have their seeings glued to The Orville , a parody register set to debut this fall in 2017.

Check out the trailer below to check what’s in store for Macfarlane’s recent contentious domesticated project.

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