Trump reportedly likes pictures in his daily intelligence briefings


The daily intellect briefing President Donald Trump get reportedly must include visuals, executioner graphics, and be as abbreviated as possible.

Several high-ranking intelligence community officials spoke with the Washington Post about Trumps intelligence briefing every morning, describing the need to include maps, plots, videos and photos in the documents while also preserving thoughts short and to the point.

Thats our duty, right? To extradite information materials in a way that he can best understand the information were trying to communicate, CIA Director Mike Pompeo told the Post .

Trumps preference for big pictures and short-lived records shouldnt come as a surprise. In the past, Trump has said he did not requirement a daily provide information on what the intelligence community had reaped because he was a smart person. Earlier this month, Reuters declared that National Security Council officials strategically include Trump’s name in as many paragraphs as they can because he will continue speaking memoes if he is mentioned.

This preference for photos, officials told the Post , is a thoughtfulnes on Trumps pre-presidential career, when he looked at renditions as a real estate developer.

But as president, Trump seems to have changed his tune on that decision. Now, every day, Trump sits at his desk with a Diet Coke and looks at summary picture-filled records. The intersects last approximately 30 to 45 times, in agreement with the Post , and often periods roll past their scheduled time.

A president who I contemplate came into the place believe he would focus on domestic issuesmake America great againhas learned that you inherit “the worlds” and its difficulties when youre president of the United States, Daniel Coats, conductor of national intellect, told the newspaper.

Each day, chairpeople receive a daily summary that includes epitomes from all 17 intelligence agencies highlighting developments in ongoing investigations. Some chairpeople preferred oral instructions, the Post reported, while others preferred to read textiles in a narrative form.

Trump prefers to have free-flowing speeches, according to officials who spoke with the Post , and information that can be boiled down to a single page.

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