Pinboard just bought Delicious, which brings a wild story full circle

After years of rivalry, the social bookmarking site Pinboard simply acquired the social bookmarking site Delicious. On the surface, this is afairly wearisome segment oftech report. But it has an superb backstory, committing a love community’s desire to organize its X-rated fanfic in peace.

In the late 2000 s, Delicious( then known as was the dwelling of fandom bookmarking. People from LiveJournal fandom used it to assemble their favorite fanfics, including a scrupulous tagging arrangement for subgenresand romantic pairings, plus text blurbs commenting on each bookmark.It actedas a communalrecommendation library where devotees could peruse each other’s bookmarks and mini reviews.

Yahoo owned Delicious between 2005 and 2011, during which occasion the site slumped in importance from an estimated $15 -3 0 million, to an estimated$ 1 million when Yahoo sold it to AVOS, a company owned by the founders of YouTube. AVOSthenoverhauled the site in 2011, instantaneously forming itunusableto most fandom bookmarkers. Love stopped use the site in droves, and began to migrateto Pinboard, tentatively compensating theone-time assembling fee of $9.50. Many non-fandom customers left for similar reasons ,butthe fanexodus was fascinating due to the unexpected reaction of Pinboard’s CEO.

Pinboard is run by one person, Maciej Cegowski. When fanfic readers started test the sprays at Pinboard, Cegowski was receptive to their needsan singular reaction, when fanfic wasn’t quite as mainstream as it is today.( Remember, often of local communities was women who abused Delicious to catalogNC-1 7 Harry Potter porn bysubcategorieslike wrinkle, humor, utterance count, and person pairings .)

Cegowski collaborated with devotees to figure out what they missed, which straddled from basic needs( AVOS had realise the “/” ratify unsearchable on Delicious, killing the option to search forfanfic pairings) to a crash course in fandom lingo and social media dress. He pointed up documenting the process in a slideshow announced ” Fan is a tool-using animal ,” please explain how devotees had originally diverted Delicious into their own fanfic search-engine, and how the community collaborated on a mindbogglingly detailed Google Doc of admonition for Pinboard. The site soon became more fandom-accessible thanDelicious, offering a dual breast sheet that divided Pinboard’s mainstream tech customers from thetrending fandom bookmarks.

Pinboard’s fandom wallop is smaller than Delicious’s was in the late 2000 s, partly because Pinboard isn’t free, and partly because devotees have since moved from LJ to their own intensively called and bookmark-able fanfic site: Archive of our Own. Nonetheless, the Delicious/ Pinboard situation is still a object lesson in listening to the needs of your customers. Pinboard paid attention to an underserved gathering who knew exactly what they missed, andit worked out pretty well for everyone.

Maciej Ceglowski spent the next five years dragging Delicious on Twitter, and this weekthe legend called full circle. Delicious’s current owneds, Delicious Media, sold the site to Pinboard for a paltry $35,000. The site is about to be shuttered, with Pinboard hoping to absorb Delicious’s persisting users.

For a fee.

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