How French President Macron And President Donald Trump Are Total Opposites

If youre an opponent ofthe U.S. withdrawal from the Paris atmosphere agreement, then youre likely to have been more encouraged by the words of French President Emmanuel Macron than the President of the United States.

In a televised pronunciation on Thursday night, delivered from the Palais de llyse, the newly elected commander switched from French to English to deliver a parting word to Americans.

Macron announced,

Wherever we live, whoever “were about”, we all share the same responsibility: Form our planet enormous again.

And then Macron tweeted out this 😛 TAGEND

Its not the first time French chairwoman has made a gesture that immediately affirmed the decisions of President Donald Trump, and you can be sure it wont be the last.

Thats because the two legislators are simply different, in waysboth large and small. In occurrence you werent watching, here are a couple of moments over the past few months that fixed that fact obvious.

Their treatment of Vladimir Putin

Since his presidential expedition to his tenure in the White House, Trump has continued anuncommonly friendly rhetoric towards a known antagonist of the U.S ., Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Regardless of why Trump has done so( hes reasoned getting along is strategically advantageous for the U.S .) you can be sure about one thing: Macron does not share such a view.

One event that fixed that clear occurs on Monday, when Macron while standing next to Putin “ve called the” Moscow-based media outlets Russia Today( RT) and Sputnik propaganda the weapons of Putin.

Regardless of how accurate his characterization of the media organizations are, the moment fixed the oppose between Macron and Trumps approaches to Putin pretty clear.

Their marriages

On one paw, Macron and Trumps matrimonies are actually similar. Both boys have an age difference of about 25 times between them and their wives.

On the other hand, the space their matrimonies are goal isdifferent.

The age difference between Macron and his wife has been a point of scandalous infatuation for some media outlets, while the age difference between Donald and Melania Trump has been a inhibition of sorts.

One notes its space into the conversation and the other does not. You can take your guess as to why, while Macron gives you his own ruling. He announced homophobia and misogyny drive the issues to.

He told Le Parisien,

If I had been 20 years older than my partner , none would have made for a single second that I couldnt be[ an intimate collaborator ].

Its because she is 20 years older than me that lots of people say, This[ rapport] cant be tenable, it cant be possible.

So theres that.

Their relationships with Europe

Trumps America first mantra has set him to being tough on Europe and using vigorous rant that led to public back-and-forths with leadersthat are U.S. collaborators, like German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

In contrast, Macron is one a group of chairwomen that are now becoming the faces of NATO, in place of a U.S. chairwoman that has been reluctant to fully hugged the alliance.

A brief perhaps innocuous instant during the presidents trip to Brussels, in which Macron shows headed towards Trump, only to accost Merkel first, seemed to connote a lot about the two leaders respective its relation with Europe.

Their relationships with Barack Obama

One spread a conspiracy ideology that Obama wasnt born in the United States.

The other was endorsed by Obama.

Not much more needs to be said.

Their impressions on different faiths

In May, after France elected Macron, La Grande Mosque de Paris secreted the following statement that announced,

[ Macrons ballot] is a clear signal of hope to French Muslims that they can live in harmony and respect of French values

The statement was a sign that Macrons election was a preferred outcome for the majority of members of the Muslim voting bloc in France.

In contrast, the election of Trump has stimulated fibs of Muslims increasingly fearing and disbelieving their place in the U.S ., with plans like the travel outlaw on six majority-Muslim countries doing little to assuage those fears.

Liberal vs. Conservative

Macron and Trump stand on different line-ups of the government spectrum. Trump may have flip-flopped from affiliating with the Democratic defendant over go, but he successfully operated his expedition through the conservative-leaning Republican party.

Macron, on the other paw, has had no problem naming his agenda a progressive and liberal, as the entitle with Obama shows.

Experience in government

Both legislators werent legislators at all for most of their lives and both participated public service via business backgrounds.

However, while Trump did acquire an electoral without ever invited to participate in authority, Macron does have know in serving within a presidential disposal, as he wasthe Deputy Secretary General for onetime French President Francoise Hollande.

Their age

And then theres the most obvious pitch. Emmanuel Macron has yet to even enter his 40 s and wont until December. Trump, on the other paw, will turn 71 in two weeks.

So yeah, its not at all surprising that theyre only a wee bit different.

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