Senator warns that Russian cyberattack was bigger than leaked NSA documents show

Senator on knowledge committee articulates a leaked NSA report is just a small patch of a big Russian spoof .

Image: Patrick Semansky/ AP/ REX/ Shutterstock

The Senate Intelligence Committee vice chairman has made it very clear that Russian attacks on the U.S. election system were even more prevalent than leaked National Security Agency papers published by The Intercept revealed.

Sen. Mark Warner, from Virginia, the top democrat on the committee, told USA TODAY Tuesday that the “the extent of the attacks is much broader than has been reported so far.”

So that’s comforting.

The Intercept published Monday a top secret declared that showed how Russian military ability officials targeted U.S. elections and used “phishing” emails to infiltrate local government organizations ahead of the presidential election.

In a move that voices straight out of House of Cards , research reports suggests that the GRU, or the Russian General Staff Main Intelligence Directorate, affected an elections software and hardware firm right before the election.

“None of these actions from the Russians stopped on Election Day.”

But Warner said on Tuesday that the report supposedly seeped by NSA contractor Reality Leigh Winner, who was arrested over the weekend on doubt of sending the classified documents to the media is just the tip of the iceberg.

He did, however, supplement, “I don’t believe they got into changing actual voting outcomes.”

Ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, Warner alarmed about ongoing Russian interference. “None of these actions from the Russians stopped on Election Day, ” he added.

“This is not an attempt to embarrass any state” altered, Warner articulated. “This is a case to make sure that the American public decree enormous is well known that if we dont get ahead of this, this same various kinds of involvement could take place in 2018 and clearly will take place in 2020. ”

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