Oldest Homo sapiens fossils discovered

( CNN) The oldest fossil is still in Homo sapiens, dating back to 300,000 times, have been found at a area in Jebel Irhoud, Morocco. This is 100,000 years younger than previously detected relics of Homo sapiens that have been securely dated. The detection was presented in a study in the journal Nature on Wednesday.

This stigmatizes the first uncovering of such fossils in northern Africa, and enlarges the”cradle of mankind” to encompass all of Africa, the researchers announced. Previous acquisitions were in south or east Africa. The relics, including a partial skull and a lower jaw, belong to five different individuals including three young adults, an adolescent and a child estimated based 8 years old. Stone tools, animal bones and evidence of fervor is likewise found within the same seam at the site.

But what the researchers found to be most remarkable about these fogies is that they captivate a moment in times of growth. The facial the specific characteristics of the skull look like a modern human, but the brain case is extremely elongated and archaically characteristic of early humans.