The 8 big questions Comey refused to answer in public

America hung on every text uttered by onetime FBI Director James Comey during a public congressional hearing on Thursday morning, but it’s what he refused to say that may become the central issues.

Testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Comey examined for over two hours his interactions with President Donald Trump, who shot Comey early last-place month; Russia’s attempts to intervene in the U.S. ballot; and detailssurrounding the federal investigation into Russia and probable ties to members of Trump’s campaign and administration.

The passionately forecasted rebuts from Comey afforded a number of key new details 😛 TAGEND

Comey accused the president and his administration of lying about FBI works losing confidence in him.

He said he believed Trumpfired him in some manner to change the practice the Russia investigation was being conducted.

He admitted to orchestrating a leak to the media of his memoranda detailing his conversations with Trump in an effort to have a special prosecutor commissioned.( The exertion toiled, by the way .)

He sanctioned former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was under criminal investigation when he resigned in February.

He confirmed that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch asked about to call the investigation into Hillary Clinton‘s use of a private email system a matter instead of investigation into the cases.

Perhaps most notably, he confirmed that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is investigating whether Trump perpetrated hazard of justice through his firing of Comey.