The Best Video Games of 2017: 7 Games You Have to Play

Almost every devotee of gaming would agree that 2017 is already mold up to be one of the best years for video games of all time. Just six months in, weve been hit with an embarrassment of riches in accordance with the arrangements of complex RPGs, sprawling narratives, and alluring action.

It would be easy to make any one of the splendid competitions released in the early months of the year slip off your radar, so weve assembled a schedule of the ultimate best events 2017 has to offer. The following activities are listed in order of their handout appointment across all available pulpits, and we’ll continue to update it as brand-new video games slap our socks off.

The best video games of 2017

1) Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Released: Jan. 24
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

After several detours away from the tense survival fright that concluded the series such a smack in the first place, Resident Evil returned to its roots to numerous followers delight. Endorse a first-person perspective, this entitle imparted move startles and disturbing visuals to life with full support for the PlayStation VR.

Even dallying traditionally, Resident Evil 7 outdoes at everything the series has done in the past, while still maintaining its own identity. The deranged Baker family and twisted Southern setting acquired for a memorable noir fib with superhuman twists.


2) Horizon: Zero Dawn

Released: Feb. 28
Platforms 😛 S4

Known chiefly for the futuristic shooter Killzone series, Guerilla Recreation handed their finest sport early this year with the open-world war of Horizon: Zero Dawn. Set in a remote post-apocalyptic future, the narrative focuses on a inexplicable protagonist, Aloy, as she discovers the relationship between the remaining human beings and the robotic fossils that now prowl the land.

Despite a potentially generic setup, the legend manages to go to surprising places and teasings a strong possible sequel. Exploring and hunting are each honoring in their own method, making for a world-wide that is easy to get sucked into.


3) The Legend of Zelda: Breather Of The Wild

Released: March 3
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Wii U

After years of delays and marvelous trailers, prospect for the following chapter of The Legend of Zelda series couldnt have been higher. Thankfully, Breath of the Wild extradites not only one of Nintendos finest sports, but an unbelievably shiny open-world undertaking that instantly raised the bets for the entire genre.

Breath of the Wild property alongside the Nintendo Switch, a portable console hybrid that was perfectly suited to seminars of easily digestible puzzle-solving. Even on the Wii U, video games gazes stunning with a very warm prowess vogue and dazzling environments.

Screengrab via Nintendo/ YouTube

4) NieR: Automata

Released: March 7
Platforms: PC, PS4

The original Nier instantly became a worship classic act deed, exhausted to little fanfare but foolishly recollected for its perfectly baffling narrative. The competition featured various terminates, meta commentary, and quirks that constantly broke the fourth wall. Automata is loosely set in the same universe, and manages to top everything achieved in Nier.

From Platinum Games and the brains of designer Yoko Taro, this play focuses on the psychology of androids and the consequences of free will. Reaching the games one true ending requires a lot of work, but it’s an unforgettable experience that deserves to be seen.

Screengrab via


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