A pair of NBA Finals tickets sold for the low, low price of $133,000

It’s illuminated .

Image: Noah Graham/ NBAE via Getty Images

Well, here’s one path to invest $133,000.

Someone merely propelled down that sizable chunk of change for a duet of tickets to Monday night’s NBA Finals Game 5 in Oakland, according to numerous reports.

A report from ESPN.com, afterwards confirmed by USA Today Sports , did not identify the buyer. But he or she apparently realise the big-hearted acquisition Sunday night through the Warriors’ ticket resale site, which is run by Ticketmaster.

Last November a Chicago Cubs fan paid $47,000 for a pair of tickets to Game 7 of the World Series, which the Cubs won to end a historic drought.

That seemed like an eye-popping number at the time, but it’s chump change is comparable to what someone just husk out to watch an NBA Finals game.

The Fighters can secure the deed with a win over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday night.

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