Who Are The Highest-Paid Celebrities? It’s Not Who You Think

What is everyone on your social media feed up in arms about today? Right now, it’s this 😛 TAGEND

The list of the top 100 highest-paid personalities contained a few amazes. Guns N’ Roses ranked at #11, after the lots anticipated reunion of Axl Rose and the Babadook. David Copperfield continues to be the worlds richest wizard, is confirmed that magic is a naughty, useful profession for self-confident and well adapted young men. We learned that Ryan Seacrest is still alive, and is richer than Taylor Swift. More like Taylor Thrift because she’s good as shit.

We can thank Illinois Democrat Mike Quigley for this piece of legislation that was labeled in an intentionally disparaging path in order to give headlines just like this one. Yet, it does touch on an interesting legal question regarding whether or not the things Trump tweets from the lavatory at two in the morning are official presidential preserves that, by regulation, must be preserved for the future( the original tweet containing such “covfefe” typo has been deleted ). It is about to change the authors of existing laws never saw anything like this happening in even their most hysterical excitement dreams.

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