Army to undergo mandatory transgender sensitivity training

As the U.S. military’s transgender inclusion deadline for July 1 draws near, the U.S. Army has created a obligatory transgender prepare period for all officers , non-commissioned officers, and civilians working with soldiers.

Titled” Transgender Training ,” these courses is a 50 -minute lesson” that will assist soldiers in understanding Army policy for the military forces of transgender soldiers so that they can implement the policy while maintaining morale, readiness, and good order and subject ,” according to USA Today . The course module too focuses on the “key roles and responsibilities” that commanders, trans troops, and medical personnel must carry out in order to ensure transgender soldiers are cared for during work, according to an email from Lt. Col. Jennifer Johnson.

Some detectives have already completed the training segment, whereas others have yet to fulfillthe sensitivity education requirement.But while the session is intended to aid detectives in acclimating to the military’s inclusion for transgender units, it remains unclear when the Pentagon will officially establish rules for including transgender personnel.

Earlier this year, two transgender cadets were barred from recruiting serviceamidst the policy’s slow introduction. More trans graduates is a possibility barred from entering in 2018 if a policy isn’t went out in 2017. Both the Army and Marine Corps are requesting an additional two years to create policies for transgender acceptance.

For the time being, the Trump administration will not be inviting the Obama administration’s guidelines for transgender inclusion in the armed forces.A May 31 memo sent out by Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work have also pointed out that the Defense Department will not rescind the Obama administration’s plan unless trans acceptance could” reason readiness problems that could lessen our ability to fight, survive and win on the battlefield .”

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