Facebook requests input on hard questions about censorship and terrorism

How should Facebook end whats given on its social network, and how to match safety and faith with diverse sentiments and cultural norms? Facebook wants your feedback on the most severe questions its grappling with, so today it published a schedule of 7 hard the issues and an email address hardquestions @fb. com where you can send feedback and suggestions for more debates it should address.

Facebooks plan is to publish blog posts cross-examine its logic around each of these questions, starting earlier in the day with one about responding to the spread of terrorism online, and how Facebook is affecting the problem.

[ Revise: Here is Facebooks first entering in its Hard Questions series, which looks at how it bars terrorism. We have more analysis on it below]

Even when youre skeptical of our selections, we hope these poles demonstrate a better sense of how we approach them and how dangerously we make them Facebooks VP of public policy Elliot Schrage writes. And we believe that by becoming more open and accountable, we should be able to make fewer misconceptions, and correct them faster.

Heres the schedule of hard interviews with some situation from TechCrunch about each 😛 TAGEND

How should platforms coming preserving gunmen from spreading information online?

After person or persons dies, what should happen to their online name?

How aggressively should social media companies monitor and remove contentious posts and idols from their pulpits? Who gets to decide whats controversial, especially in a global community with a multitude of racial criteria?

Who gets to define whats specious story and whats simply contentious political communication?

Is social media good for republic?

How can we utilize data for everyones interest, without undermining peoples trust?

How should young internet users be introduced to new ways to express themselves in a safe context?