Shania Twain is releasing her first album in 15 years, and wow

The lyric is from the new book she’s is currently working on .

Image: RMV/ REX/ Shutterstock

It’s been 15 years since we had a new Shania Twain album( retain Up ! in 2002? Recollect 2002 ?), so people are pretty excited about the handout of her single “Life’s About to Get Good, ” from her upcoming LP Now .

Despite the psalm being about a cheater who break-dance her centre( everything you need for a classic country ballad ), it’s got a positive sense, and it’s Shania, so naturally it’s strong and amazing.

You can listen to the lyric which punched number one on the Billboard+ Twitter Veering 140 chart Thursday morning on YouTube.

Twain, the bestselling female country artist of all time, will release the recording in September, Billboard reported. Parties are gravely here for it, especially after listening to the brand-new single.

Life’s about to get good, and we are in a position thank Shania for that.

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