Netflix explores dating as an autistic teen with ‘Atypical’

It’s hard to fit in as a teenage, but that’s the goals and targets of Sam Gardner( Keir Gilchrist) on Atypical , an upcoming humor about an autistic teen and his family.

In the teaser, Sam reveals that his aims for adolescence overlap vastly with a lot of other teenages. He’s decided to date, and though it concerns his mother( Jennifer Jason Leigh ), he’s be prepared to take the plunge.

Gilchrist never experienced growing up with autism, but told USA Today that he was struck by Sam’s faithfulnes as a character which are normally speaks without limit. Series creator Robia Rashid said in the same article that she consulted with at the least one academic professional with event in autism research and medication, a standard practice for shows seeking to do the subject justice.

Autism visibility on television is growing, such as with Sesame Street ‘s Julia and Max Braverman( Max Burkholder) on NBC’s Parenthood .

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Atypical is a coming of age fib that follows Sam( played by Keir Gilchrist ), an 18 -year-old on the autistic spectrum as he searches for love and independence. While Sam is on his funny yet psychological tour of self-discovery, the rest of his family must grapple with altered in their own lives as they all struggle with the central theme: what does it genuinely mean to be regular?

Atypical starts streaming August 11.

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