15 things you didn’t know about Grace Helbig, YouTube’s queen of comedy

Hi, my honour is Grace Helbig, if you did not know , now you know! Your life is different now!

Whether starting her own YouTube challenge or sharing her off-the-cuff style the examinations and hangover tips-off, Grace Helbig starts every video with this simple cable. Its the perfect likenes of her self-deprecating and relatable comedy. But more deeply, for many of Helbigs 3.1 million supporters, this declaration is an affirmation of certain differences Helbig has made to young women around the world.

Shes been ascribed by the Atlantic for using the internet to mentor young teen girlfriends with compassion and humor, shes become a innovator of slapstick on YouTube in the process. When she relaunched her her own personal path ItsGrace( since renamed GracieHinABox) in January 2014, after parting with My Damn Channel, she gained 1.5 million subscribers in precisely two and a half weeks. Last August, she touched a new milestone of over 3 million followers.

Her channel, alongside the largest of John and Hank Green, has given legality and courage to the developing YouTube community. And to the larger entertainment world, Helbig has become a symbol of change, is confirmed that faithfulnes and a good camera are the things you need to pave your own footpath to a successful recreation job.

15 fascinating knowledge about Grace Helbig

1. Helbig was a track adept in high school

Helbig grew up in Woodbury, New Jersey, and in January 2013, she was profiled by the regional Courier Post. The headline speak, Versatile Helbig outdoes in classroom, on track and now with pole vault.

2. She entered the Miss New Jersey USA pageant race in 2005

A decade before she had her own depict on the E! Video system, Helbig was struggling to find her first transgres. She arrived at the semifinals, and candidly, united like to meet the women who somehow arranged higher than her.