Apple to get Siri a personal assistant to keep up with hashtag holidays

Siri needs a little assistant, so Apple misses an helper for your AI assistant .

Image: Brittany herbert/ mashable

Are you tired of that embarrassing moment when “youre asking” Siri to check if it’s National Awkward Moments Day and your iPhone leaves you in a lurch?

Apple’s AI assistant is tasked with answering your questions and keeping track of your hectic planned, but Siri can’t ever keep up with all the events jamming the packed-out pop culture docket. The blind spot for hatched social media events, aka hashtag holidays, is apparently so glaring that Apple is searching for a real person to add some knowledge to the AI.

The iPhone maker lately rostered a new job posting, discerned by 9to5Mac , for a “Siri Event Maven.” The ad’s thirst is tangible, incorporating some cringeworthy recruiter-speak to describe a position that will virtually be used as an helper for Apple’s own AI assistant to keep it up to speed on what the cool minors are buzzing about.

Apple determineds the bar high from the outset. Hopefuls shouldn’t even bother with the idea of applying unless they’ve reached the noble-minded title of “a Czar of cool” so if you’re simply a lowly Baron of swag, forget about it. That’s essential to the character, totally “Non-negotiable.: – ). ”

If you were born into the suitable 19 th-century Russian imperial home for the capacity, you’ll be expected to work with Siri’s Engineering and Design units to “provide tactical awareness of culture appears in the collective zeitgeist” by preventing tabs on social media and the greater internet resonate chamber.

The ad solely mentions Star Wars Day, Pi Day, and Talk Like a Pirate Day, which aren’t precisely big astounds for anyone who’s been participating in social media over the past decade.

The posting emanates at a time when Apple is looking to spawn Siri even more functional for customers, both on iPhones and with the upcoming HomePod orator. Siri is the OG on the market, but Apple’s AI assistant faces potent race from Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, both in phones and in the Echo and Home smart loudspeakers that have a sizable head start on Apple.

This job registering is an odd note to those efforts. Apple’s looking for someone like this with the inventory 😛 TAGEND

Unfortunately, the vibe it’s committing off is more along these lines 😛 TAGEND

Best of luck to Apple to replenish the discern, and to the future Siri Event Maven in their future work of tracking every single made-up vacation in the book.

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