Drag Queen’s Drop From Top Of Double-Decker Bus Into The Splits Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

Elishaly D’Witshes renders new meaning to the period” death plunge” — and, thankfully, she’s lived to tell about the glorious moment.

The drag queen was playing outside of Miami’s famous Palace Bar on June 23 when she climbed to the top of a double-decker safarus bus, hung off the side and quitted immediately into the splits.

The move wowed the crowd outside of the society and has been ended on the internet over 3.4 million times thanks to the excerpt above.

” I’ve climbed off double-decker bus before ,” D’Witshes told HuffPost.” In information the moves already know me and honk their cornets and open the doors to the bus so I can jump in .”

D’Witshes, who regularly performs at Palace Bar as well as other Miami golf-clubs like Azucar, Club Bailo, Score and The Manor, said she only” get scared” when she watches videos of herself doing the extraordinary stunt and has never been injured aiming the maneuver.

” I predict my form is already used to it ,” she enunciated, laughing.

Courtesy of Elishaly D Witshes
Elishaly D’Witshes

” I am beyond grateful and regard all the beloved and scrutiny this has brought to my life ,” she included.” I never felt this video would go viral. It has caused chaos — people tell me I’m crazy for doing that( and sometimes I believe it myself ).”

D’Witshes, who was born and raised in Puerto Rico and has been doing draw for eight years, is the current predominating Miss Florida Universo Latina USA 2017 and will be contesting this October for the name of Miss Universo Latina USA 2017.

NewNowNext.com memoes that Palace Bar will be closing its entrances on 12 th St. and Ocean Drive on July 4 after 29 years. It will reopen in a brand-new spot at some quality in the future.

For more information about Elishaly D’Witshes, check out her Facebook page.

Courtesy of Elishaly DWitshes

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