Trump And Putin’s Handshake Was All About “Power,” Body Language Expert Says

On Friday, U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin met in person for the first time at the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany.

The most anticipated rally began with a handshake, followed with Trump patting Putin on the back. The interaction instantaneously croaked viral, spawning a ton of memeson social media.

Trump himself seemed to be looking forward to the had met with Russia’s president.

Elite Daily spoken with two experts abouttheir handshake and subsequent see for analysis.

Dr. Lillian Glassnotes thatTrump was initially not smiling, while Putin was all smiles and leaning in. She does,

I am picking up that Trump is policed( maybe from all of the Russian election speculation) and Putin indicates merriment that he and Trump were eventually congregated eye to eye.

Glass translates Trump’s body language as being tense and reserved perhaps even rewarding towards Putin, reading,

For a first fit, Trump’s guarded. He’s watching everything, he’s not welcoming him with open arms yet.

In general, Glass replies, Trump expands when meeting world leaders( minus the Merkel meeting and the handshake snub with Poland’s First Lady ).

She suggests, You certainly understand[ Trump] warm up, he ignites up around them, peculiarly like[ Shinzo] Abe, Justin Trudeau.

On the other hand, body language expert Susan Constantine had a different interpretation of what Trump’s handshake was all about.

She says that unlike his usual sawing-woodhandshake, often accompanied by a pat on top of the forearm, Trump went in to slap Putin on the underside of his forearm. She mentions,

Trump’s lending his hand out as a servant. Palms up is testifying give, powerless. I imagine Trump is doing this purposely to caused Putin know, I can employ my ego aside to elevate yours.

But Trump wouldn’t be demonstrating modesty out of honest lower-than-thou love, she interprets. He’s trying to get the whip hand by frisking the humble salesman role.

Both professionals agreed that this was a power play between two strong presidents with strong prides. In this case, it’s Trump playing Putin, Constantine supposes 😛 TAGEND

President Trump may very well be playing the Trump card by feeding Putins ego. We have two exceedingly selfish and narcissistic power players. From a mental point of view, the best negotiating tactic when dealing with a narcissist( Putin in this case) is to hoist his ego.

But that’s not to say that Trump undoubtedly thinks he’s better or worse than Putin. In fact, Constantine alleges,

There’s no doubt that there’s deep respect for one another. I think they realize themselves in one another, they participate the concentration in the other.

Trump doesn’t look emphasized he seems cozy. He genuinely feels that he’s with someone that he respects. I don’t understand fright or intimidation I interpret a person that is really likes Putin.

After the join was adjourned, Trump repliedthat it vanished terribly, very well and that it was an honor to meet with Putin.

Constantine imagines the deep similarities between the two leaders might be a sign. She responds,

Based on that photo, I believe that they will come to one superpower. The two are very like sentiment, they both have agendas, they both are power players, and they’re united in that respectI appreciate two potent workers negotiating power and making decisions as one.

As forthat prophecy, we may need well beyondthe G20 Summit to hash out what would look like.

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