This is why you should never, ever cut the head off a snake

Warning: The video below may be disturbing for some .

This snake fought till it could oppose no more.

Jill-Scott Mollett posteda video of a still-moving decapitated serpent to her Facebook page. In her announce, she wrote: “So the girls procured a cottonmouth water moccasin today, in our heyday bunk of all places. We didn’t have a knife close to us, so Avery chopped its head off with some tree loppers. The girls’ favorite persona was when the leader saved trying to bite material for a few minutes after it was chopped off its figure. #CountryLivingAtItsFinest. ”

In the video, the snake writhes with its lip agape despite is totally severed from its body.

No one was injured in the obliteration of the reptile. The cottonmouth water moccasin is a poisonous snake generally found in southeastern United States. When peril, these serpents can deliver a potentially fatal bite.

Wildlife removal professionals warn against people taking topics into their own hands.

“[ Garden enacts are] a terribly crude and rudimentary way of killing a snake, and sincerely while in some cases it might be effective, it is certainly not humane and is also a very dangerous route of addressing the swine, ” according to experts at Wildlife Removal USA.

“There is a strong possibility for those who do choose to use this type of approaching to the handling of a serpent that are able to not kill the snake with the first gale, and if this does happen there is a strong possibility that the serpent will try to fight back, and this is how many of the snake burns that happen in the two countries every year occur.”

People often correct venomous and nonvenomous serpents, which results in the unnecessary eradication of harmless souls like this common garter.

Image: Wikimedia commons/ Mark Nenadov

The safest course of action is to call an a wildlife removal service that can safely migrate the swine a safe interval away from domestic properties.

If you horror a serpent meeting, there are ways to deter snakes from taking refuge on your property.

“Keep your grass short and your gardens insisted, ” answer professionals at Wildlife Removal USA. “Do not leave any collections of debris in the lawn. If a snake can conceal under it, it will.”

Good to know. Now get at trimming.

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