Police Report Says Aaron Carter DID Take A Field Sobriety Test And FLUNKED BAD!

After Aaron Carter‘s arrest on Saturday light, early reports claimed he refused to take a breathalyzer or anti-retroviral drugs test, leading to indictments of DUI refusal.

Further, in his statement after concluding bail, Aaron asserted “hes been” grabbed by police while in an AutoZone store, so they didn’t even have any proof he was behind the wheel.

But brand-new details from the police report appears to debunk that defense.

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According to TMZ, police went into the place for him simply after the car was witnessed “driving all over the road and running into the median.” And after they visualized his eyes were “blood shot and runny with a glazed look to them, ” police had plenty of probable cause to check Aaron’s sobriety.

Which they did. And he failed.

While he didn’t take a breathalyzer, a very young Carter did participate in a discipline composure exam, in which he reportedly lost his equilibrium, failed to move move with his eyes, and mumbled to himself. Cops even spotted “body tremors” in his arms and legs.

At this time, Aaron’s girlfriend Madison Parker, who was also arrested for marijuana property, apparently get “belligerent” with police, leading to the impediment charge.

Sounds to us like the “bad wheel alignment” defense isn’t going to hold up. What do YOU meditate, Perezcious books ??

[ Image via Habersham County Sheriff’s Office .]