When His Aunt Asked Him To Watch Her Dog, He Wasn’t Expecting This Hilarious List

If you have domesticateds and are like me, you don’t rely them with simply anyone and ever get restless about leaving them when you’re out of town.

I ever leave pretty detailed lists of what do to when own family members look after my cats and dogs. It easy my nervousnes about not being there with them. I’ve been told before that they’re a little bit much, but they’re truly nothing compared to what this exhilarating girl left for her nephew.

Though Tommy Rivers was simply watching his aunt’s pup, Pepper, for a epoch, she made assured that the dos and don’ts concerning her precious, spoiled pup were crystal clear. First, she told Tommy know( in case he wasn’t once informed) that Pepper is the most beautiful girl in the world.

The instructions for feeding, snacks, and play video games period were pretty normal. Then things started changing when she scheduled the types of acceptable inclination. Photos and FaceTime calls with her furry babe were also a must.

But perhaps the funniest parts of all were when she contributed Tommy the alerts, “don’t you hurt her” and even better, “don’t you hate her ’cause you ain’t her! ” To is equitable, she is a pretty stupendous pup.

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