Tomi Lahren is still on her parents’ healthcare thanks to Obamacare

Chelsea Handler and Tomi Lahren speak during an form at Politicon 2017.

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Though Tomi Lahren is vocal supporter for abolishing Obamacare, don’t say it never accommodated anything for her.

The republican political reporter and onetime Tv emcee for Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze sat down with comedian Chelsea Handler at Politicon to discuss their differing political thoughts this weekend. Naturally the conversation turned to health care, during which Lahren revealed that she benefits from a key Obamacare policy.

Handler: “OK, so do you have a health care programme or no? “

Lahren: “Well luckily I am 24, so I am still on my parents’.”

Lahren is, of course, invoking the Affordable Care Act policy that allows young adults for the purposes of the age of 26 to remain on their parents’ health care plans.

When Lahren’s admission was met with sighs from the gathering and roars of “Thanks, Obama, ” Handler represented her patron: “Stop, stop, stop she’s being honest.”

Lahren went on to argue that, actually, there are some tenets of Obamacare that are “positive, ” the ability to stay on a parent’s health care represent one of them.

Nevertheless, Lahren borrowed a period from President Donald Trump to describe her sentiment on position of the Affordable Care Act.

“I think that one thing we can agree on is that Obamacare in a death spiral, ” she said.

“It’s in a death spiral because it’s being sabotaged by the President of the United States, ” Handler countered. “A reasonable human being “ve said” OK let’s do whatever we can to realise the organizations of the system in place task and thrive.”

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