NASAs offering a 6-figure salary to anyone who can protect us from aliens.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people get up and go to places that keep the rest of us safe from ill: firefighters, health examiners, engineers, and more.

And right now, NASA has what might be the lord of safety hassles open to applicants.

Position at NASA: planetary protection officer.
Pay: $187,000 a year.
Purpose: To protect the Land from alien lifeforms.

The role was quietly posted on USA Jobs last month.

Whoever steps into this place would be in charge of establishing sure astronauts, robots, and spacecraft don’t move microbes and other biological pollutant back to Earth or all over the solar system with them.

This entails keeping foreigners from coming to Earth and avoiding Earth life from escaping to where it doesn’t belong. Microbes are intrepid interesting thing, and contamination could throw off our search for life in the universe not to mention change any life that is out there.

Whoever makes this task will definitely have a busy next few years.

NASA has the Mars 2020 rover and the Europa Clipper assignment in the works. Both Mars and Europa have been the target of intense speculation about extraterrestrial life Mars deep under its grunge and Europa in its subsurface ocean. The planetary protection officer would no doubt frisk a key role in those missions.

If you’re thinking of applying, you should probably know the planetary protection officer place comes with some hefty diplomata, including an advanced STEM degree and suffer intention infinite curricula. It’s too U.S. citizens merely( sorry, Canada ).

Thanks to all those firefighters and technologists, we have a safe and cozy civilization. Thanks to whoever makes this racket, we’ll have a safe planet( and solar system) too.

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